Staking Requirements and Rewards Post July 11

Starting July 11, 2024, all Aethir Edge devices will require staking of ATH tokens to remain operational. This update aims to enhance network stability and security while improving overall performance and user experience.

Staking Requirements and Rewards Post July 11

  • Phase 1: Staking Requirement for Rewards (July 11th onwards): Starting from July 11th, users must stake their ATH tokens to earn rewards. If users do not stake their tokens for their devices, they will not receive any rewards.

  • Phase 2: Adjusted Rewards Distribution: In the subsequent phase, rewards will be adjusted based on the device’s online activity and the service fees/rewards. This means the rewards for each device may vary.

Why the Change?

This change aligns with Aethir's commitment to continuously improving the network and providing a seamless user experience. By staking ATH, users actively contribute to the network's security and efficiency.

What You Need to Do:

  • New Users: During the device setup process, you'll be guided on how to stake ATH. While you have the option to skip this step initially, your device will not be fully functional until the staking requirement is met.

  • Existing Users: To ensure uninterrupted service, please complete the staking requirement by July 11th. Visit the 'Staking' section on your dashboard for detailed instructions on how to stake your ATH.

Dynamic Staking Amounts:

The required amount of ATH to stake may vary based on your device tier and the current network conditions. This dynamic approach ensures fairness and scalability as the network grows.

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