Use Cases

Aethir Edge is designed to support a wide range of use cases, including:

  • AI: Aethir Edge allows developers to run AI applications like natural language processing and computer vision with ultra-low latency by processing data directly at the edge.

  • Gaming: With Aethir Edge's localized processing power, gamers can experience mobile titles with console-quality graphics, lag-free multiplayer, and instant load times for immersive on-the-go gameplay.

  • Mobile Compute/dApp: Aphone is a cloud smartphone leveraging Qualcomm chips for powerful remote virtualization. It runs Android 10/13, supports Android APKs, and enables remote calls. Aphone empowers a new generation of internet innovation in gaming and social media.

  • AR/VR: By reducing latency and enhancing graphics rendering, Aethir Edge enables next-generation VR/AR experiences with seamless, real-time immersion unimpeded by centralized network limitations.

  • Real-time Streaming: Users can live stream 4K video from anywhere using Aethir Edge's optimized throughput and parallel processing to transmit high-bitrate feeds reliably with minimal buffering.

  • Mining Tokens: Aethir Edge devices can be used to mine Aethir's native token (ATH), allowing users to earn rewards for contributing their computing resources to the network.

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