Decentralized Cloud Ecosystem

Aethir Edge, the hardware device, is a core component of the Aethir ecosystem. It is designed to operate within a decentralized cloud network, contributing to its computing power and storage capabilities. This distributed infrastructure enhances the network's resilience and efficiency.

Aethir refers to the broader decentralized cloud network within which Aethir Edge devices operate. This network aims to provide a robust and scalable platform for various applications, including AI, gaming, and more.

Application Layer: Open world of opportunities to power applications! The compute provided by the network will power AI, Gaming and mobile dApps. One such example is the Aphone, a decentralized cloud smartphone that leverages the Aethir Edge network. It represents a use case for the Aethir ecosystem, showcasing how the technology can be applied to create innovative and decentralized mobile experiences.

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