Mining and Claiming Rewards

Mining and staking are essential aspects of the Aethir Edge ecosystem. By mining, users contribute their device's computing power to the network and earn rewards in the form of ATH tokens. Staking ATH is required to activate Edge devices and participate fully in the network.

Emission Schedule and Rewards Mechanism

  • Total Supply for Edge Devices: 23% of the total ATH token supply, 9.66 billion tokens, is allocated to Edge devices.

  • Distribution Over Time: This allocation is distributed gradually over approximately ten years, with a decreasing percentage each year.

  • Rewards After Initial Supply: After the initial 23% is distributed, Edge devices continue to earn rewards by providing services on the Aethir network. These rewards come from fees paid by companies using Aethir's infrastructure.

  • Staking Requirement: Users must stake ATH to continue mining and fully participate in the compute network after July 11th.

  • Emission Rate and Number of Devices: More details can be found in the Edge Emission schedule below:

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