ATH Stake Stipend Info

The stake stipend is designed to incentivize early adopters and help them get started with mining ATH tokens. It provides a portion of the ATH tokens needed for the staking requirement, which is necessary to activate Edge devices and participate in the mining process.

Eligibility and Timeline

To be eligible for the stake stipend, users must bind their Edge device to the Aethir Edge app before the deadline:

  • Round 1 Deadline:

    • Edge binding deadline: July 10th at 12:00 PM UTC

    • Stipend send date: July 11th

  • Round 2 Deadline:

    • Edge binding deadline: August 14th at 12:00 PM UTC (for participants in the July 2nd sale)

    • Stipend send date: August 15

Please note: The stake stipend is available for the first 20,000 Aethir Edge devices that meet the eligibility requirements.

How Much is the Stipend?

Eligible users will receive 2,196.14 ATH, enough to meet the initial staking requirement and kickstart their mining journey without needing to purchase additional ATH.

When Will I Receive the Stipend?

Stake stipends will be distributed directly to eligible users’ wallets on the dates specified above.

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