Waitlist & Sales

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay with USDT on the Arbitrum network.

How much is one Edge device?

The official price for Edge is 999 USDT. All waitlist registrants can purchase Edge for 999 USDT (before extra discounts) for our public sales.

How many devices are available for the public sale?

May 23rd: 1,000 devices

June 6th: 6,000 devices

July 2nd: 1,000 devices

What discounts do leaderboard users get for the June 6th sale?

To rank higher, refer others who will also deposit! Your spot depends on your deposit + your referrals' deposits.

Discounts & Deposit Leaderboard

  • Top 1-3: 50%

  • Top 4-10: 40%

  • Top 11-50: 10%

  • Top 51-100: 7%

  • Rank 101-200: 5%

  • Rank 201-500: 3%

Note: Only one device per waitlist registrant. Rank is based on deposit time, meaning whoever deposited first will rank higher if deposit amounts (own deposit + referrals' deposits) are equal.

What discounts did leaderboard users get for the May 23rd sale?

Please note that the discounts and point system only apply to our Public Sale on May 23rd.

May 23rd Public Sale – Discounts & Point System

  • Top 3: 70% off

  • Top 4-10: 50% off

  • Top 11-20: 30% off

After Top 20: you can convert your referral points into discounts for one device:

  • 10,000 points = 3% off

  • 30,000 points = 5% off

  • 80,000 points = 8% off

  • 100,000 points = 10% off

**Only one device per waitlist registrant.

How can I update my email address for the Waitlist campaign?

You can update your email address directly on our waitlist signup page. Look for the “Profile” button to edit and verify your new email address.

When will the extra discounts earned from the leaderboard be applied?

All discounts earned from points accrued will be applied post-sale and issued to the purchasing wallet within three working days.

Are there any other releases of devices other than Aethir Edge and Aethir Checker Node?

We do not anticipate other device sales in the near future.

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