Where can't you ship Edge devices to?

We cannot ship to North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk, so we will not take orders that request to ship to these countries.

What is the shipping schedule for each sale round?
  • 23rd May Sale Number of Edges: 1000 Shipping Date: June 13th

  • 6th June Sale Number of Edges: 6000 Shipping Date: June 20th

  • July 2nd Sale Number of Edges: 1000 Shipping Date: July 25th

How long does the shipping take?

The exact delivery date depends on the express delivery time for each country. You can track the shipment on our logistics partner’s platform for accurate delivery dates. If you encounter any issues, please email, and our Customer support team will respond.

How much is the delivery fee? Are there any custom taxes payable?

We offer free shipping and cover the customs taxes for all purchases. However, import taxes are excluded.

How can I update my order information after I complete the order?

Please email to provide your order number and correct contact and delivery information. Our team will update and arrange shipments for you accordingly.

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