What is the total token supply allocated to Edge devices?

23% of the total ATH supply, which is 9.66 billion tokens, is allocated to Edge devices.

When can I start mining tokens?

ATH token mining start June 20th.

Is staking required to activate Edge devices?

Yes, staking is required to activate Edge devices.

Note that the first batches of Edge sold receives a ATH staking stipend that includes a portion of the tokens needed for the staking requirement. Please refer to our Edge Emission schedule for more details about staking requirements.

Where can I find the mining emission schedule?

Please check out the Edge Emission schedule.

How is the 23% token supply allocated to Edge devices distributed over time?

The 23% token supply is distributed gradually over approximately 10 years according to the following schedule:

  • Year 1: 40% of the total Edge allocation (9.2% of total supply)

  • Year 2: 24.12% of the total Edge allocation (5.5476% of total supply)

  • Year 3: 14.54% of the total Edge allocation (3.3452% of total supply)

  • Year 4: 8.77% of the total Edge allocation (2.0172% of total supply)

  • Year 5: 5.29% of the total Edge allocation (1.2163% of total supply)

The amount distributed reduces each year for 10 years until the full 23% Edge supply is allocated. The percentages shown are the portion of the total Edge supply, with the equivalent percentage of total supply in brackets.

How are devices rewarded after the initial 23% supply is mined?

Once the initial 23% token supply reserved for Edge mining is fully distributed, Edge devices will continue generating revenue by providing services on the Aethir network.

Companies utilizing Aethir's infrastructure for AI, gaming, cloud phone services, etc., will pay service fees for access to the network resources. Of these fees, 80% will be distributed as rewards to Edge device operators who provide the infrastructure and processing power.

The remaining 20% of fees will go to the Aethir DAO. This sustainable fee-based model allows Edge devices to keep earning rewards long-term after the 23% mining supply depletes.

Does emission allocated to edge miners depend on how many edges will be sold?

Yes, it does. Please see the Edge Emission schedule for more information.

Do you have an earnings calculator? Before making a decision on purchasing one, people will want to model their earnings vs. power usage, etc.

No, we do not have an earnings calculator.

The total supply of ATH is higher for Edge Nodes than Checkers. How do the emission schedules compare?

Please check out the Edge Emission schedule.

How are Edge rewards calculated?

Rewards for each edge device are calculated based on the emissions schedule (link emission schedule table here). As an example, if 4,300 devices are running in Year 1, daily rewards can be estimated in the following way:

(662,647,738.84 [Emission Amount at 3,000-5,999 devices] * 40% [Amount vested in year 1]) / (365 [number of days in a year] * 4,300 [number of currently active devices today])

Please note that this is the daily average amount. However, the amount may vary depending on the work done by that device.

How do I qualify for each day’s rewards?

To be eligible for rewards that day, the device must be connected to the internet and power and bound to an account for at least 20 hours each day.

Does spending more on power increase my rewards?

The Qualcomm chip only uses about 20W of electricity while working. More electrical throughput will not increase the amount of rewards. Ensuring connectivity and liveness is the best way to ensure you can get the correct rewards each day.

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