How to Manage ATH Balances and Rewards

  1. Claim Rewards: Press the "Claim" button. If you haven't completed KYC, you will be prompted to do so.

  2. Vesting Schedule: Claimed ATH follows a vesting schedule:

    • 30% available immediately

    • 30% after 90 days

    • 40% after 180 days

  3. Withdrawals: The "Withdraw" button is enabled only for claimed ATH not subject to vesting. Withdrawals are processed in order, and amounts not yet withdrawable will have greyed-out buttons.

  4. Insufficient Funds: If you have insufficient funds for gas fees, an error message will appear with suggestions for acquiring more ATH or ETH.

  5. Transaction Failures: If a transaction fails, an error message will detail the reason and suggest corrective actions. You can retry the transaction once the issue is resolved.

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